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Thai Steamed Tofu Smooth tofu topped with chicken floss and pan-seared garlic. Drizzled with our very own homemade sauce. $8.90 Pineapple Fish Curry Juicy Thai pineapples combined with an intricate pestle-pounded curry. #BFF with Thai Jasmine rice. $12.90
Baked Tiger Prawn with Glass Noodle
Springy, well-braised glass noodle simmered in a flavourful chicken broth. Underneath this bliss, the succulent tiger prawns await.

Lak Krab Sak Krab Tiger Prawns
Hailed from the south of Thailand, this Malaysian-inspired dish is our rendition of the popular Laksa.

Crisp Vegetable Tempura with Porn's Homemade Sauce
An assortment of vegetables in a light batter made with icy cold water and high grade soft wheat flour. Served with a luscious minced prawn dip.

Chiang Mai Fish Fillet Crusty fish coated with a sweet and tangy sauce. Kids love this!



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